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Why Own A Devon Creek Franchise?

Investing in Devon Creek Landscaping as a franchise offers a compelling opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. With over 25 years of industry expertise, Devon Creek Landscaping stands out as an expert in the field, equipped with a proven plan to nurture each franchise into a thriving business tailored to its specific geographical market.

With a team of trained, certified, and fully accountable staff, supported by cutting-edge technology including online portals and a mobile app, Devon Creek franchises are equipped to deliver exceptional client care, setting a new standard in the industry.

Not Your Traditional Landscaping Company

The Advantages to owning a Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Franchise

Booming Market Size

The lawncare industry is valued at over $99 billion globally, with steady growth projected in the coming years.


Historically, the lawncare industry has proven to be recession-resistant, as homeowners continue to invest in maintaining their outdoor spaces regardless of economic downturns.

Growing Demand

With an increasing number of households opting for professional lawncare services due to time constraints and the desire for well-maintained landscapes, the demand for lawncare franchises is on the rise.

Year-Round Revenue

Lawncare franchises often benefit from seasonal demand fluctuations, as services such as lawn mowing, fertilization, and landscaping are needed year-round, providing a steady stream of revenue.

Repeat Business Model

Lawncare services often rely on recurring contracts, providing franchise owners with a reliable customer base and consistent revenue streams.

Diverse Revenue Streams

Beyond basic lawn maintenance, lawncare franchises can diversify their offerings to include services like pest control, irrigation, hardscaping, and snow removal, further expanding their revenue potential.

Low Investment Cost

The Lawn and Landscape Maintenance sector presents a more accessible entry point for franchisees compared to many other industries, with lower initial investments and faster paths to profitability. This makes it a compelling choice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The sector benefits from consistent demand irrespective of economic conditions, ensuring franchisees a stable revenue flow. Additionally, the scalability of lawn care & landscaping businesses enables rapid expansion into broader markets, enhancing profitability over the long term.

The U.S. landscaping services market was valued at approximately $182.76 billion in 2024.

North America is a leading market in the landscaping industry, holding a 46.95% share.

65% of landscaping businesses generate over $1 million in annual revenue.

The U.S landscaping industry has experienced an annual growth rate of 8.2% over the past three years.

2023 Awards of Excellence Winner

We are very proud to announce that Devon Creek Landscaping was the recipient of two 2023 Awards of Excellence from the National Association of Landscape Professionals!

Get Your Free Devon Creek Franchise Starter eBook Here



Get Your Free Devon Creek Franchise Starter eBook Here